Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Latest and Greatest!

Well hello everybody!!! This is attempt to better inform you of what is going on and to supply recent photos for your enjoyment. How could you not enjoy? The two pictures here were from Memorial Day on our way to Logan. Kimball Jack thought it so halarious his brother's hand just went limp when he'd play with his arm. Granite was out. Kimball Jack then laughed himself to sleep with his hand on Granite's.

Life is swell here! Our latest going on is the ever so constant "putting in the yard" project. I've heard it was a difficult task but had no idea til now! Crazy! I'm not doing even half of the work however, because Lloyd's parents have been here almost every night helping us and teaching us how to put in the sprinkling systems and so on. I honestly have no clue what we'd do without them. Wow. So, hopefully we'll have a yard here in a couple weeks! Yippee! The boys really really need some grass to play on these days!

The little guys have been doing fabulous. They are almost 15 months now! They are cutting several new teeth and are having a bit of a hard time with it. They are always on the move and it's so very fun to see them play together and with those that love them-especially their obsessed Grandparents! They are so different from each other! They are so fun! These days they understand a lot of what is said and try to say a few things. They love to blow kisses, give five and their favorite game is "chase". I'll admit, this is my favorite game too. They're clever and fast little stinkers. During the day they ask where "Dadda" is and when he comes through the door they run to greet him.

Lloyd sent me to California to see my newly engaged friend Kristin Klaib for her birthday. I went over the weekend of the 7th and had a great time! This picture is of us in Lake Tahoe. What a great guy Lloyd is! Wow. Lloyd is working like crazy these days! If its not the businesses its the darned yard, poor guy. Soon it will let up for him hopefully!

All is well here. Life is good. Love you, the Roberts